The site covers approximately 2 acres, of which more than ¾ is open space. Most areas are grassed over, but different terrain provides for flexibility of activities. Once booked the site is for your sole use to do as you wish with no disruption from other campers. All we ask is that you leave the site clean and tidy.

Activity Hut
  • A 10m x 6m activity hut, with tables and chairs, is available just beyond the main building. Very useful in wet weather and for night time activities. Large groups tend to use this for dining purposes.

Playing Areas
  • The main playing field is situated at the rear of the centre to use for any activity you wish and is large enough for ball games such as football, cricket, etc.
  • A second area is situated on the opposite side of the railway track, next to the campfire circle. This is a rougher area useful for wide games, etc.
  • The railway track, between the original platforms, forms a perfect place for small children to play. It also makes a perfect area for activities such as “Bridge Building”. This area has been grassed over for safety purposes so to protect the surface we ask that ball games be played in the other playing areas.
  • A campfire circle is available with a limited amount of firewood. Visitors should supply their own saw and axes, and any additional wood would be appreciated. No fires should be lit other than in the campfire pit or the altar fireplaces! All fires should be kept small and under supervision to minimise any risk to adjoining fields, and farmers crops.
Altar Fires
  • There are 3 altar fires for outdoor cooking. These are adjacent to the campfire circle and the same considerations to the campfire applies.

Several photos of these areas can be seen in the Picture Gallery.